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Safety Tips For The Dog Park

Does Fido get super excited when he hears the word ‘park?’ The dog park may very well be one of your pup’s favorite spots! Our canine buddies both enjoy and […]

Why You Should Never Feed Your Pet Grapes or Raisins

v Have you ever considered feeding your dog or cat a grape or its dried counterpart, the raisin? That’s actually not a good idea. It turns out that grapes and […]

Celebrating Everyone’s Favorite Beagle

August 10th is a pretty special day for many of our canine companions. It’s the birthday of one of the most beloved iconic pups ever: Snoopy! Learn more about Charlie […]

Top 5 Popular Cat Sayings

You’ve probably heard someone use the term, ‘Cat got your tongue?’, before. But, this isn’t the only popular cat phrase about our feline friends! There are many, some of which […]

Your Dog and Chocolate

World Chocolate Day is coming up July 7th. However, while we are more than happy to do our part to honor this important holiday, this is one celebration that you […]

Blue-Green Algae: A Lurking Danger for Pets

Have you ever heard of cyanobacteria? You might know it by its common name: blue-green algae. This is an extremely dangerous algae that can be found in warm, nutrient-rich water, […]

Puppy Biting Tips

Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your home? Congratulations! Few things can bring as much joy and laughter into our lives as a new puppy. Tail wags and affectionate […]

Grooming a Senior Cat

Is your feline buddy  in her golden years? If so, she may need some help with her beauty routine. Senior cats can get quite stiff and sore, which can make […]

4 Steps to Protect Your Pet Against Rabies

Did you know that rabies has been on the rise in recent years? Just the word “rabies” conjures up some frightening images in the mind’s eye. Rabies is a zoonotic […]

Meet the Cheetoh Cat

Have you heard of the Cheetoh cat? If not, you’re not alone. These cute kitties are fairly new on the scene. However, they are certainly melting hearts. A local vet […]

Things We Have Recently Learned About Cats

Our feline pa ls have a reputation for being both mysterious and quirky. Fluffy is full of adorable—if somewhat purrplexing—character traits. Scientists have typically had a hard time deciphering kitty […]

Boston Terrier Day

Do you have a Boston Terrier? If so, there’s a pretty special holiday coming up. Boston Terrier Day is February 19th! This lovable pup, which is also the Massachusetts State […]