Introducing Wolfenoot

There’s a new doggy holiday on the calendar that has the puparazzi jumping for joy. Joining the ranks of such important celebrations as Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day and If Pets Had Thumbs Day, we now have Wolfenoot, a celebration of wolves, dogs, and everyone who has been kind to them. A vet offers an introduction to this new holiday in this article.


Wolfenoot hasn’t been around long, but it’s already made quite an impression on the internet. It was started in 2018 by a little boy from New Zealand. The youngster had what may be one of the best ideas ever: celebrating the ‘Spirit of the Wolf’ and anyone who either has a dog or has been kind to Fido. The child’s mom got on board with the idea, and helped him promote it. The rest is history … in the making.

A Pawspicious Occasion

Wolfenoot is November 23rd. Why the 23rd? That’s the anniversary of the death of the ‘Great Wolf,’ as described in the Wolfenoot Story book. The book was written by the child who had the idea. It can be purchased online through the Patchwork Raven.


How does one celebrate Wolfenoot? The ‘Spirit of the Wolf’ hides small gifts for anyone who loves or has been kind to animals. If you want to get Fido involved, hide some things for your canine buddy to sniff out. After the gifts have been found, participants—who may or may not be officially called Wolfenati—should eat some red meat. Why? Because that’s what real wolves eat! (If you’re a vegetarian, have a veggie burger instead.) Then, dessert: a cake decorated like a full moon. As for your four-legged friend, give him something extra yummy as well. It’s not a bad idea to wind down the day with a wolf or dog movie or documentary. If you make a social media post, use the hashtags #wolfenoot and #nohateonlysnootboops.

Helping Dogs

Another thing you can do to celebrate is to help dogs in need. There are many wonderful charities and animal rescues that need donations or social media support. You can also support a conservation society that works with wolves.

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