Bringing Your New Pet Home

Have you recently decided to adopt a new pet? Good for you! We are always thrilled to see pets going to wonderful forever homes. Those first few days with your new buddy are a very special and crucial time. You’ll be starting out on a wonderful journey of love and friendship with your new pet, so you’ll want to be sure everything goes smoothly from the start. Read on as a local Braselton, GA vet gives some great advice on bringing your new pet home.

Be Prepared

Before bringing your new pal home, you’ll want to go shopping to pick up all the supplies your pet will need. Your shopping list should include food, toys, treats, dishes, and bedding. For kitties, you’ll also want to add a litterbox, while Fido should have a leash and collar. For smaller animals that live in cages or tanks, you’ll want to do a bit of research before going shopping, as these little ones have very specific needs. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Calm Setting

Start your pet out in a quiet back room with food, toys, and treats. This will let your new pal adjust to your home, and get used to the smells and sounds of his new environment. Giving your little buddy this space to adjust will make the process much easier for them! Don’t be surprised if your pet spends quite a lot of time sleeping at first as they adjust and start to settle in. If you have a smaller pet, you can put their habitat in its permanent location right away, but choose the spot wisely. Ideally, it should be a quiet spot, where your pet can see and hear you but isn’t surrounded by noise or commotion.


Give your pet time to get to know you and to learn to trust you. You can visit them and offer toys and treats, but don’t force affection on your new friend. Let your little pal come to you when they want attention. If you have other animals or small children, make sure your vet gives you the all-clear before allowing them contact with your new pet. Make introductions slowly and cautiously, and keep things positive. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Does your furry new friend need veterinary care? Call us! As your Braselton, GA animal clinic, we are here to help.