Tips for Bringing Your Cat to the Vet

Has your feline friend seen a vet recently? If not, we recommend setting up an appointment right away. Proper veterinary care is very important to Fluffy’s health and well-being! Of course, we know that visiting us probably isn’t one of your cat’s favorite things to do. We use calming techniques to make things easier on our furry patients, but there are also some things you can do to make the trip easier for your cat. A local Hoschton, GA vet offers some helpful advice on bringing your kitty to the vet in this article.

Make Fluffy Like The Carrier

Do you have to battle your furry friend to get her into her carrier? If so, try leaving the carrier out at all times. Put soft blankets and a few toys in there to help Fluffy see it as a comfy hiding spot. Whenever you find your furball napping in her carrier, pet her and praise her.


Before Fluffy’s appointment, engage your feline buddy in a fun, vigorous play session. This will burn off some of your feline friend’s excess energy, leaving you with a calmer kitty.

The Car Ride

It’s no secret that most cats absolutely hate going for car rides. Fluffy may spend the whole trip meowing in protest. You can get your kitty used to car rides by taking shorter drives with her regularly, to get her used to it. Otherwise, just talk to Fluffy in a calm tone, and play some relaxing music. These things will help soothe your frightened pet.

Kitty Calming Products

Ask your vet to recommend a good kitty-calming product. There are many options available in stores, from sprays to collars to treats. These may help keep your feline pal more relaxed during the trip.

The Waiting Room

The waiting room can be a very scary place for a kitty. All the strange smells and sounds, and the presence of strange animals, can really frighten your pet! Keep Fluffy in her carrier, so she feels safer.

Home Again

Once you and Fluffy return home, offer her lots of cuddles, and perhaps a new toy. Even if your kitty didn’t exactly love the experience, she’ll still enjoy the benefits of good veterinary care!

Does Fluffy need shots or an exam? We are always happy to help! Please contact us, your local Hoschton, GA animal clinic, anytime.