Thank you Dr. Stout. My brilliant doctor and staff.
From, Cody and Dana
Dr. Chapman & Staff,
Thank you very much for sending the basket of goodies. It was very thoughtful of you to thank us for referring new patients. We were happy to refer our friends & family to Hoschton Animal Hospital. We have been so pleased with the care you have given Abby & us. Everyone is always so sweet & helpful. We are very happy to have you care for a member of our family. We enjoyed the candy & cookies.
Thanks again, Brandon, Jessica, Brooklyn, & Abby M.
To all the humans that helped take care of me after my surgery, I wanted to say thank you for getting me back on my paws. I am very happy to be back with my family, and they are happy to have me home. I even got two treats today!!
Thank you, Piper (the cat)
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Odie over the years.
Everyone thought he was one of a kind & always put a smile on everyone’s face.
Now we have little Skeeter for you to watch over.
Love, Pam
Dear Mandy Roberts,
Thank you for caring for our 15 year old dachshund, Shadow, when she needed emergency surgery for a twisted stomach.
Words can NOT express our thanks for saving her life.
This is our wish for you: May your joys be fulfilled, your dreams be closer and your prayers be answered.
A sincere thank you, Rhonda, Huey and Shadow V.
Dear Dr. Chapman
Thank you for taking care of Oto and making him better. We are very grateful to you.
The M. Millan Family
Dr. Roberts,
We want you to know how very much we appreciate everything you did for our buddy, Rocco. It was so nice of you to rush into Hoschton Animal Hospital Wednesday morning to care for Rocco, and we are truly grateful for the loving care you provided to him, your expertise and professionalism, and the kind words you shared with Jacob and I.
Although we wish we could have kept Rocco around forever, we know we made the right decision for him and we are comforted by the wonderful memories we shared with him. And by knowing he always received the best of care at Hoschton Animal Hospital.
Sincerely, Holly & Jacob R
To All the Staff at Hoschton Animal Hospital
Robert and I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done in the past months for Duke.
He has never felt better after his amputated toe. He can finally play like a puppy!
Dr. Chapman, you are an awesome vet and we appreciate all your work! To all the vet tech ladies – you guys are so sweet and awesome too! Deb – you are so sweet and always offer such a warm smile!
Thank you all very much! Robert and Melissa Clark, Duke and Marley
[testimonial name=”Brooke A. <3"]Dr. Chapman, Thanks a million for taking such great care of my girls! You’re the bomb.com! [/testimonial] [testimonial name="Many thanks, Eric S. Summer Veterinary Intern"]Everyone at the Hoschton Animal Hospital, Thank you so much for putting up with me this summer. It was truly a blessing to be given a chance to work with you over the last four months. I have learned more than you will ever know, including the fact that cats need litter, bearded dragons do not eat squash whole, and that Dr. Chapman can make a [email protected]#n good pig noise. Y’all are the perfect mix of seriousness and commitment to provide excellent care while making sure to goof off once in a while – that makes for an amazing work environment. You guys are a crazy group of people! That’s a compliment not a critique.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="Bless you all, Guy and Gail"]Dear Hoschton Animal Hospital Thank you all for your heartfelt sympathy notes. It means a lot to us. Agnes was very special to us. And all of you are special too. Thank you for helping us take care of her. Although the end was difficult, your sincere caring helped us through.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="With love, Larry, Maryann, Wesley, Ashley and Viola C."]God bless all of you at Hoschton Animal Hospital. We will never forget you! Daisy was blessed to have such wonderful friends like you. She had a sweet spirit about her that no other dog will ever have. Thank you for sending us that sweet card. We will add it to her other stuff.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="Thank you, Tanya A. & Roscoe"]Thank everyone for always taking the best care of Roscoe for me. I want to thank you for always showing kindness and love. It is all appreciated.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="Thanks again for caring for our beautify Missy!!! Garry and Nancy R."]We lost our beautiful and loving Missy on October 27th. She had a stroke after suffering from arthritis and losing the ability to use her hind legs for a long while. We know without your loving care she would not have lasted and had a good life as she did. She loved you all, but especially Dr. Mandy, Heath, and Deb. Just wanted to let you know about the loss of a little lady that loved us all so much. She can never be replaced in our hearts!![/testimonial] [testimonial name="Sincerely Alisha & Gregory"]Dear Dr. Chapman: Thank you for your care and concern regarding our three kitties – Angel, Simon, and Buster. Special thanks to all of your staff. They were always most helpful, polite and patient. Eight years and hundreds of questions later, they feel like family to us.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="Sincerely, Ginny R."]Thank you all so very much for your love and compassion for my beloved cat in her last hour. I am truly grateful for your devotion to animals and your empathy towards those of us who, sadly, must part with them. I will always be grateful knowing that she was in caring hands.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="Wishing you all the best, Ronnie W."]Dear Dr. Chapman, I wanted to send you this letter to thank you and your staff for taking such wonderful care of my precious ferret Sybil. You were all so good to her the times I brought her there to Hoschton Animal Hospital to get treatment. I lost my sweet girl on Monday, December 1st but I have no doubt that when you removed her abscessed canine in January, 2014 you gave her almost another full year of life and I thank you so much for that. You are the most patient, kind and thorough doctor, and you were always so gentle with Sybil, that I never had a worry at all when she was in your care. Please thank Dr. Roberts and Heath for me too. I’ll never forget when they took the time to see Sybil after hours last year when she needed care. I also appreciate the kindness of everyone in the front office. They have always been so polite and helpful. Especially whenever I called on the phone in need of anything. Thank you again Dr. Chapman. I will always remember Hoschton and the TLC you gave my sweet Sybil.[/testimonial] [testimonial name="Thank you, Jeremy H."]To the staff of Hoschton Animal Hospital, I wanted to thank you all for taking care of our dong, Mingus, in his final moments yesterday. I had always heard stories of faithful dogs doing amazing things in their final moments, and I normally chalked these up as tales of lore. Mingus was my first dog, and he taught me many life lessons. His last being to believe the tales people tell of faithful dogs. Mingus had not being doing well lately. He was 14 and had all the problems that come with it. My wife, Kristin, had recently injured her foot and needed surgery. Together, they were the crippled couple that needed extra attention the last few weeks. It was something we joked about around the house and it felt like a senior citizen’s home at times. Kristin had surgery yesterday on her foot and ankle. When we got home from the hospital, Mingus was in his usual spot in our bedroom. He usually greeted us at the door, even in this last few days of stiff legs and curled spine. We knew something wasn’t right when he wasn’t standing in the hallway. He was hardly breathing and barely responsive. Kristin was able to say goodbye as I raced to pick up our kids from day camp to let them have one last visit. Once everyone was there, Mingus put his head up one last time as we petted him. We truly believe that Mingus hung in there to make sure Kristin came back home ok and to be with the kids one last time. It was then that I called Hoschton Animal Hospital. It was time. Once loaded in my truck, we came to you and I had one last moment with him in the backseat as he let go. As awful of a moment as it was, it was the most peaceful moment I could have asked for. Thank you for your help in getting Mingus inside and for arranging for cremation. When I called Deceased Pet Care this morning, everything had been lined up by Deb and taken care of. I could not have asked for a smoother service. Your excellent staff and care will not be forgotten by our family.[/testimonial]