Our Careteam

Deb Pounds
Practice Manager
Deb started her working career heading up projects and leading technical teams for many different organizations. When she started looking for a new challenge, she realized that she would love to combine her extensive client-service experience with her love of animals. Hoschton Animal Hospital was the perfect answer—Deb has been serving pets and their owners here for 15 years!

A Georgia native, Deb joined the clinic team in 2002 after working in the technical industry for many years. She’s since been able to apply her background in client service, human resources, and training while enjoying countless opportunities to further her knowledge in the world of animal care. Deb’s favorite part of her job is spending time with loving pet parents just like herself and witnessing firsthand the incredible bonds between animals and their owners.

Outside of work, Deb enjoys hiking through the forests of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. She’s also passionate about music and reading, and likes researching a variety of subjects in her spare time. Deb lives with three rescued cats of her own: Donzi, a black and white Tuxedo; Freeway, who was found on the interstate and served as Hoschton Animal Hospital’s official greeter before coming home with Deb for retirement; and Peepers, a special-needs cat who lives happily in his forever home after Dr. Stout saved his life.
Wendy Keene
Office Manager
Wendy has adored animals ever since she was young, and she loves the satisfaction of helping other people. By working in the veterinary industry, she’s able to satisfy both passions on a daily basis! Wendy has been a member of the Hoschton Animal Hospital family for 10 years, and now serves as the clinic’s Office Manager.

Wendy grew up in eastern Canada, but has lived in the South for the majority of her life. She worked in various fields—including law, engineering, and golf course architecture—before deciding to become a veterinary professional. She joined the Hoschton Animal Hospital team in 2006 and has been here ever since! Wendy particularly enjoys forming lasting relationships with long-term clientele, and also likes the fact that no two days here at the hospital are ever quite the same.

Wendy has three dogs of her own at home: a Welsh corgi named Reilley; Max the Jack Russell terrier; and a German shepherd mix named Falcon. She also has a grand-dog, Sam, who lives in Atlanta with Wendy’s daughter, Jessica.

When she has time outside of work, Wendy enjoys spending time with friends and family, antiquing, repurposing old furniture, and traveling.

Abbey Phillips
Veterinary Assistant
Abbey grew up on a farm in Forsyth County, Georgia, alongside her two older sisters, her parents, and animals of all shapes and sizes. Abbey spent her childhood helping to raise everything from puppies, kittens, and horses to cows, birds, and lizards. Her early experiences with animal care made a permanent impression—now, Abbey gets to use her fascination with medicine and science to better the lives of the pets she loves!

Abbey’s journey in animal care began at the North Georgia Zoo, where she worked her way from the ticket booth to a position as Animal Sales Manager, and then into the caretaking and training side of the facility. After a few years spent caring for creatures there, she decided that it was time to move into the veterinary world while studying biology in college. Abbey became a Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant at a busy eight-doctor practice, where she learned the ropes of the profession and developed her love of animal medicine even further.

After moving to the Auburn area, Abbey was thrilled to join the team here at Hoschton Animal Hospital and especially likes that she’s able to use her experience with exotic animals and wildlife here at the clinic. She’s passionate about animal training—Abbey is currently in the process of becoming Fear-Free Certified!—and also loves to educate the area’s pet owners on proper animal care techniques.

Abbey’s interests outside of veterinary medicine include spending time outdoors and practicing her photography skills, a passion she developed after serving as a tour photographer during her time at the zoo. She’s even started her own small photography business! At home, Abbey and her boyfriend, Chris, share their lives with three dogs—Sebastian, a smart German Shepherd whose favorite pastime is playing fetch; Duke the Boxer/Pit Bull mix who was adopted by Chris at nine months of age; and a rescued dog named Roscoe who sleeps on Abbey’s pillows every night—as well as a loveable bearded dragon named Ollie.
Ashton Smith
Veterinary Assistant
Ashton grew up in Auburn, Georgia, and has harbored an intense love of the earth’s creatures ever since her earliest days. Her passion didn’t let up as she got older—Ashton has always known that she wanted to work hands-on with pets to better their lives! She’s thrilled to return to Hoschton Animal Hospital as a member of the clinic’s Veterinary Technician team.

Ashton’s veterinary journey began in her hometown of Auburn, where she worked at a local clinic for nearly four years. Next, she joined the team here at Hoschton Animal Hospital, where she served pets and their owners for six months before moving on to another opportunity. Ashton recently rejoined the hospital team, and couldn’t be happier to continue tending to the area’s animal companions! She’s especially fond of bloodwork and grooming techniques, but her favorite part of every shift is getting to meet loving pet owners just like herself.

When she has time away from work, Ashton loves getting lost in a good book and spending quality time with her family at home. She shares her life with her wonderful young daughter, Aylen—who wants to grow up to be an animal nurse just like her mother!—as well as two pets: Remi Roo, a protective pit bull, and a talkative longhaired cat named Toothless.
Katy Coggins
Veterinary Assistant
From the time she could walk, Katy felt an indescribable connection with animals. She remembers sitting right here in Hoschton Animal Hospital’s exam rooms as a child with her grandparents and their pets, admiring the work of the Technicians and doctors who were helping her own family companions. Now, Katy is on the other side of the exam table—she’s proud to serve as a part of the clinic’s Veterinary Assistant team!

A Hoschton native, Katy’s career in animal care began when she became an assistant on a dairy goat farm. She quickly took over grooming and vaccinations as well as milking duties. This progressed into a job as a certified goat-milk tester and goat showman! Katy worked at a nearby pet hospital for a time before moving on to another local practice, where she developed her clinical skills even further. Next, Katy joined the Hoschton Animal Hospital family in May of 2019 and couldn’t be happier to serve the pets and animal owners of the area every day.

Medically, Katy enjoys observing and monitoring during surgical procedures, and she’s also fond of goat and pig care thanks to her background in the livestock world. Katy also likes to help pet owners better understand their animal companions’ care techniques through the power of client education.

Most of Katy’s time away from work is spent with her family and pets. She and her boyfriend, James, have two wonderful young boys named Dylan and Wyatt. The family shares their lives with four dogs—Jazmine, Dutchess, Lily, and Blu—as well as three cats, a pot-bellied pig named Hamlet, 10 ducks, six chickens, and Katy’s 500-pound retired show pig, Delilah.

Owen Hurst
Veterinary Assistant
Owen helped to foster dogs and cats with the local Humane Society through a program at his high school, and he watched firsthand as untrusting, unhealthy dogs went through complete transformations into loving, loyal companions. Seeing that process up close made Owen want to do more to help with the recovery of other pets—that’s when he began to consider a career in veterinary medicine. He hasn’t looked back since!

Owen grew up in Statesboro, Georgia with his parents and younger sister. He began shadowing vet clinics around his hometown, and was promptly offered a job in one of them—Owen worked there for about two years until moving to Athens to start veterinary school in August of 2017. Now, Owen is in the middle of his veterinary school career at the University of Georgia, and supplements his studies with real-world experience here at the clinic. Soon, he’ll be a veterinarian himself!

Medically, Owen is fond of working to solve complicated medical cases and stabilizing patients during emergency care. Most of all, he likes knowing that he’s able to make a difference in the lives of the community’s pet parents—that’s why he joined the veterinary profession in the first place.

When he’s not studying for school or caring for pets here at the hospital, Owen enjoys reading good books, playing trivia with friends, and spending time with his own pets. He has a Pit Bull mix, Kade, who wants nothing more than to eat and sleep all day, and a mischievous Siamese cat named Marina who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.
Kelsi Smith
Veterinary Assistant
Kelsi grew up in a farming environment in Winder, Georgia, where animal care was a part of life since her earliest days. Spending so much time around the earth’s creatures left no doubt in Kelsi’s mind—she wanted to do everything in her power to help animals live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. That’s why she decided to join the veterinary profession!

After taking all of the veterinary science classes she could in high school, Kelsi attended Athens Technical College to further her education in the world of animal care. She began working at a veterinary hospital in Statham, Georgia shortly after starting her classes, then joined the Hoschton Animal Hospital family a short time later. Kelsi has been a member of the clinic team ever since!

Around the hospital, Kelsi likes to see a variety of patients every day, and she particularly likes seeing a pet owner reunited with their beloved animal companion after an extended hospital stay. Most of all, Kelsi loves knowing that she gets to make a lasting impact on the lives of both people and pets.

When she has time between her studies and her shifts here at the hospital, Kelsi likes shopping, fishing, and playing with her dogs. She has three canine companions: Butterball the German Shepherd, a Chihuahua named Layla who loves to cuddle, and a Dachshund named Mack who thinks he is the ruler of the house.
Amy Snelgrove
Client Service Representative
Amy took in many stray animals during her childhood years, feeding them and nursing them back to health. For her, helping pets simply comes naturally! A career spent tending to the needs of animals and their owners is the perfect fit—Amy is proud to serve as a Client Service Representative with the Hoschton Animal Hospital team.

Amy is originally from Connecticut and moved to Florida with her family when she was only 12 years old. She began working in a kennel in Orlando while attending the University of Central Florida, and was trained on-the-job as a Veterinary Technician and receptionist. She’s worked in veterinary medicine ever since!

Amy and her family moved to the Buford area in the summer of 2017, and she joined the Hoschton Animal Hospital team later that year. Her favorite part of every shift is interacting directly with the area’s pet owners, and she also has a special passion for animal nutrition—Amy never tires of getting to see the rewarding changes in a pet’s skin, fur, and weight once they start eating the proper diet.

When she isn’t helping others here at the hospital, Amy can be found relaxing at the beach, reading a good book, or spending quality time with her family. She and her daughter, Makayla share their lives their dog—Jazz the terrier mix;
a rescue kitty named Colby Jack.
Brittany Dozier
Client Service Representative
Brittany has always considered herself a true people person, and greatly enjoys interacting with others. She’s also felt an innate connection with pets of all sorts for her entire life. Working as a veterinary professional, Brittany gets to spend time around animals on a daily basis while improving the lives of people at the same time!

Brittany is a Georgia native and began her animal-care career at an animal clinic in Gwinnett County. A few months later, she moved to Jackson County and discovered that Hoschton Animal Hospital was hiring. Brittany started here at the clinic while still in college during the summer of 2003, and has been enjoying the welcoming family atmosphere, her compassionate and talented coworkers, and the clinic’s loving clientele ever since.

At home, Brittany and her husband live with their four wonderful children, a pair of cats named Moose and Maximus, and their newest addition - a puppy named Bull. Moose, Max and Bull share the house with the very active family. Be sure to ask Brittany about Bull at your next visit; she loves showing pictures of her baby.

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys exercising her creative talents and is an avid writer, decorator, and artist. Her skills are on display here at Hoschton Animal Hospital: various informational materials and even several visual aids in the lobby were created by Brittany!
Rhonda Black
Client Service Representative
Much of Rhonda’s work history is in the field of human healthcare, but when the opportunity arose for her to use her medical background to help pets, she knew she had to give it a try. That’s when she joined the talented and compassionate team here at Hoschton Animal Hospital! Rhonda loves to meet and greet pets and owners as a member of the clinic’s front-desk reception team.

Rhonda is from Stone Mountain, Georgia and was a client here at Hoschton Animal Hospital before she became an employee. When her children left home, she decided to take a leap of faith. She asked Dr. Chapman if the hospital was hiring, and the rest is history! Rhonda has been a part of the clinic team since August of 2019 and couldn’t be happier to serve the pets and animal owners of the area.

Part of what makes Rhonda so good at her job is that she shares her life with many pets of her own. The furry members of the family include Siggie, a very intelligent Russian Blue cat; Max the quirky German Shepherd mix; and two sweet Boxers named Ella and Ema.