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Deb Pounds

Practice Manager

Deb started her working career heading up projects and leading technical teams for many different organizations. When she started looking for a new challenge, she realized that she would love to combine her extensive client-service experience with her love of animals. Hoschton Animal Hospital was the perfect answer—Deb has been serving pets and their owners here for 15 years!

A Georgia native, Deb joined the clinic team in 2002 after working in the technical industry for many years. She’s since been able to apply her background in client service, human resources, and training while enjoying countless opportunities to further her knowledge in the world of animal care. Deb’s favorite part of her job is spending time with loving pet parents just like herself and witnessing firsthand the incredible bonds between animals and their owners.

Outside of work, Deb enjoys hiking through the forests of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. She’s also passionate about music and reading, and likes researching a variety of subjects in her spare time. Deb lives with three rescued cats of her own: Donzi, a black and white Tuxedo; Freeway, who was found on the interstate and served as Hoschton Animal Hospital’s official greeter before coming home with Deb for retirement; and Peepers, a special-needs cat who lives happily in his forever home after Dr. Stout saved his life.

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Photo of  Deb  Pounds

Amanda Loving

Lead Veterinary Assistant

Although she was afraid of dogs as a child thanks to an unfortunate encounter with a Doberman, Amanda warmed up to them again when her uncle gave her Adrian, a wonderfully gentle Golden Retriever who quickly became Amanda’s best friend. From the moment she met Adrian, Amanda fell in love with animals; she’s known ever since that a career in veterinary medicine was her true calling!

Amanda is originally from New Jersey, and it was there that her career in animal care began. She started volunteering at the local Humane Society when she was only about 12 years old! After moving to Georgia with her family, Amanda started working at an animal clinic in Duluth before joining the Hoschton Animal Hospital family in the fall of 2003. Now, she serves as a Veterinary Assistant and couldn’t be happier.

Around the hospital, Amanda is particularly fond of surgeries and likes monitoring pets under anesthesia. She also enjoys the great variety of animals that she’s able to care for—on any given day, she can go from examining a bird’s feathers to taking a blood sample from a horse!

Amanda, her husband, and her two stepchildren live in Flowery Branch with several pets of their own. The family shares their lives with Amanda’s dog, Leigh-Lu; Ripleigh, a rescued dog that Amanda adopted from Hoschton Animal Hospital; a cat who was bottle-fed by Amanda ever since she was a week-old kitten; and a squirrel named Humpy that Amanda is currently rehabilitating.

When she’s not at work or exercising with Leigh-Lu and Ripleigh, Amanda enjoys swimming, decorating, drawing and painting, entertaining, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

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Photo of  Amanda  Loving

Daniel Butler

Veterinary Assistant

Daniel studies biology at the University of Georgia, and may very well continue on to study veterinary medicine. For him, gaining invaluable real-world experience in the animal-care field as a member of the Hoschton Animal Hospital team is a dream come true!

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Daniel moved to Georgia with his family many years ago. After working a few odd jobs around the area, he signed on here at Hoschton Animal Hospital in March of 2015 during his collegiate career. Daniel has a particular interest in surgery, and loves sitting in on procedures to learn as much as he can.

At home, Daniel and his family have a few pets of their own: Sadie, a very smart dog; an indoor cat named Patches; a pair of outdoor cats who go by Simon and Sami; and a lovable sugar glider named Scrat.

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Wendy Keene

Office Manager

Wendy has adored animals ever since she was young, and she loves the satisfaction of helping other people. By working in the veterinary industry, she’s able to satisfy both passions on a daily basis! Wendy has been a member of the Hoschton Animal Hospital family for 10 years, and now serves as the clinic’s Office Manager.

Wendy grew up in eastern Canada, but has lived in the South for the majority of her life. She worked in various fields—including law, engineering, and golf course architecture—before deciding to become a veterinary professional. She joined the Hoschton Animal Hospital team in 2006 and has been here ever since! Wendy particularly enjoys forming lasting relationships with long-term clientele, and also likes the fact that no two days here at the hospital are ever quite the same.

Wendy has three dogs of her own at home: a Welsh corgi named Reilley; Max the Jack Russell terrier; and a German shepherd mix named Falcon. She also has a grand-dog, Sam, who lives in Atlanta with Wendy’s daughter, Jessica.

When she has time outside of work, Wendy enjoys spending time with friends and family, antiquing, repurposing old furniture, and traveling.

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Brent Wehunt

Veterinary Assistant

A critical health issue with his own family dog during childhood helped to inspire Brent’s veterinary journey. He’s always known that he wanted to do everything in his power to help all of the pets and people that he could! Brent has been a veterinary professional for more than a decade—he’s thrilled to return to Hoschton Animal Hospital and continue helping the animal companions and owners of the area as a Veterinary Technician.

Brent is a Georgia native and first started working at the clinic during his sophomore year of high school in 2006. He would continue tending to pets’ needs here for the next eight years before relocating to Florida, where he worked at clinics in Gainesville and Lake City. Brent recently returned to this area and signed on here at Hoschton Animal Hospital once again, where he serves as a Veterinary Technician. He particularly likes taking X-rays, drawing blood, and setting catheters.

In his time away from the office, Brent enjoys reading, swimming, hiking and exploring in the great outdoors, and spending time with his own pets at home. He has a three-legged dog that he rescued back in Florida, as well as a sweet and loving Calico cat who comes on command.

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Amy Frasier

Client Service Representative

Amy took in many stray animals during her childhood years, feeding them and nursing them back to health. For her, helping pets simply comes naturally! A career spent tending to the needs of animals and their owners is the perfect fit—Amy is proud to serve as a Client Service Representative with the Hoschton Animal Hospital team.

Amy is originally from Connecticut and moved to Florida with her family when she was only 12 years old. She began working in a kennel in Orlando while attending the University of Central Florida, and was trained on-the-job as a Veterinary Technician and receptionist. She’s worked in veterinary medicine ever since!

Amy and her family moved to the Buford area in the summer of 2017, and she joined the Hoschton Animal Hospital team later that year. Her favorite part of every shift is interacting directly with the area’s pet owners, and she also has a special passion for animal nutrition—Amy never tires of getting to see the rewarding changes in a pet’s skin, fur, and weight once they start eating the proper diet.

When she isn’t helping others here at the hospital, Amy can be found relaxing at the beach, reading a good book, or spending quality time with her family. She and her husband have a daughter, Makayla, and share their lives with three dogs—Jazz the terrier mix; Oakley, a rescued Boxer/Bulldog mix; and a Chihuahua mix named Taco—as well as a cat who goes by Ross and Oreo the guinea pig.

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